Need Help Getting Out Of The Bath?
Get Lyfted with the help of SolutionBased

Perhaps you or a loved one have expressed apprehension about getting into the tub. If "How will I get out?" is the common theme of your thought process, SB may have the answer for you. The creators of ShowerBuddy and TubBuddy present the bathLyft : A product that will have you enjoying your bathtub again just as you did when you were a kid. Not only does it assist in entering and exiting the tub, but unlike other accessible bath products, the bathLyft will keep you submerged while bathing.

Like having a recliner in the tub
Tilt back and relax

Statistics show that 80% of elderly falls happen in the bathroom area and SolutionBased Industries would like to address this issue. The bathLyft alleviates the fear of falling and creates a reassuring and secure environment to enjoy a nice, soothing bath. In essence, the bathLyft is a power-charged chair that attaches to the bottom of your tub with six suction cups. With the press of a button It gradually descends into the tub so you can safely take a bath independently and without worry. Simply sit on the edge of the tub and slide onto the bathLyft. Once secure, it lowers you into the water. When finished, just press the button and it will gradually bring you back up to the surface, where stepping out of the tub becomes a breeze. So, get those bubbles ready!

Like a recliner in
the bathtub