Our driving force in the design of this chair was: Minimalism – continually removing things until all you have left is simplicity, function and beauty. 

Showerbuddy listens to users, acts on feedback and incorporates these ideas into continuous product improvement.

What does Showerbuddy do and how can it help me? 

Showerbuddy shower transfer chairs can convert your existing bathroom into an accessible bathroom for disabled use without the need for expensive remodelling. Quickly and easily convert your existing bathroom to accessible by installing the Showerbuddy system that suits your situation. For a fraction of a remodel cost and in most cases in less than an hour your bathroom can be accessible to you again. Because the Showerbuddy system is portable you can take it with you when you move, or if you are renting or in a situation where remodelling is not an option Showerbuddy can help.

What are the benefits of using a Showerbuddy? 

Showerbuddy shower chairs and transfer systems can save thousands of dollars in remodel costs (see FAQ – What does Showerbuddy do and how can it help me) and reduces manual handling for carers. Because the user can transfer from bed to toilet to shower to bed as one procedure, manual handling is considerably reduced and so therefore is the risk of injury to carers. The user is also more comfortable with less transfers. Users can also enjoy a private shower after being transferred giving dignity, ease and comfort again.

Will Showerbuddy fit in my bathroom? 

Showerbuddy products are designed to fit in most standard restroom areas. Should you have a special requirement, we may be able to custom manufacture a unit to fit your particular dimensions. It is best that you schedule a home assessment/measure with an authorized Showerbuddy dealer to assure that the product will in fact fit your restroom area.

Can I assemble a Showerbuddy myself? 

All Showerbuddy products boast a tool-less assembly and come with detailed installation instructions, although the majority of assembly work is already done for you in factory controlled conditions. You can install the product yourself if you wish, however, we suggest that an authorized Showerbuddy dealer assemble and install the product on your behalf.

Does the Showerbuddy recline or tilt? 

Tilt versus recline is an old debate that has reemerged as new products, theory, and clinicians have entered the field of positioning. A brief explanation of each follows: A tilt system provides a change of orientation and thus redistributes pressure from one area (e.g., the buttocks and posterior thighs) to another area (e.g., the posterior trunk and head) and maintains physical angles at the hips, knees, and ankles. Recline systems provide a change in orientation by opening the seat-to-back angle and, in combination with elevating legrests, open the knee angle as well. There are two showerbuddy models which offer the tilt function- SB2T and SB3T. There are no Showerbuddy units that offer the recline function.

Does Medicare or Medicaid pay for Showerbuddy? 

In the USA Medicare, unfortunately, does not cover most showering aids including showerbuddy products. However, showerbuddy products may be covered by Medicaid depending on the State in which you reside. ShowerBuddy products may also be covered under some private health insurance policies. Please contact your local dealer.


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